We want an editorial assistant! Yes, another one…

What’s this? Another role for an editorial assistant at Blackball Media? What do you keep doing to them? Feed them to the grammar lion? Slay them with the spelling knight?

If any of the above is currently going through your head then you’re probably a little strange. And that’s a GOOD thing because it means you’ll fit right in at Blackball Media…

We’re on the hunt for an editorial assistant to join our growing band of merry writers and you’ll need some of the following qualities to fit in. If you tick ALL the boxes then you’ve not only won Blackball Media bingo (prize = nothing), but you should be dusting off your CV (why is it dusty?) and sending it in now. Like right now.

Are you…

  • A petrol-head who lives, breathes, eats and sleeps with cars (but not in this way)?
  • A wannabe motoring writer who is just as happy writing about a new McLaren as you are interviewing a car dealer about their sales success?
  • Driven, bursting with ideas and not afraid of getting stuck into any project?
  • A stickler for spelling and a gatekeeper of good grammar – and awesome at alliteration while we’re at it?
  • A massive fan of Morrisons sandwiches, KFC and the smell of the sea/stinky creeks?
  • Organised, like one of those little trays you put in your cutlery drawer so you don’t get spoons mixed up with forks, but even MORE organised than that?
  • A team player? We mean more Daniel Ricciardo than Sebastian Vettel.

You’ll be writing for our award winning Car Dealer Magazine, our recently launched Workshop Magazine, our new SuperUnleaded.com site, as well as for our much-loved external outlets AOL Cars and Motors.co.uk. Got all that? Good.

If you’re happy to move for a job that offers brilliant prospects in a growing company (we’re in Gosport) and want actual real money for doing so, send me a covering letter that demonstrates your brilliance with sentences and a CV that’s not dusty. I hate dust.

We’ll give you five weeks’ holiday a year (like you’ll want that), discounted canteen food, access to an onsite gym (to work off discounted canteen food) and a generous company bonus scheme.

Not bad, eh?

Send your credentials to james@blackballmedia.co.uk by no later than September 4, and if you want any more information try tweeting me @CarDealerEd.

Now, crack on.