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We want an editorial assistant! Yes, another one…

What’s this? Another role for an editorial assistant at Blackball Media? What do you keep doing to them? Feed them to the grammar lion? Slay them with the spelling knight? If any of the above is currently going through your head then you’re probably a little strange. And that’s a GOOD thing because it means […]

Sales and Operations Administration posts at Blackball Media

Blackball Media is growing and we’re on the lookout for experienced Sales and Operations & Event Administration staff to join our expanding team. Blackball Media, publisher of the serial award-winning Car Dealer Magazine, Workshop magazine and recently launched new social media-focused consumer website SuperUnleaded.com, is on the lookout for fresh talent. As well as producing content for AOL Cars, Motors.co.uk and […]

Blackball Media is on the hunt for a News Editor

Blackball Media is on the hunt for a story-hungry, super-organised, ideas-generating News Editor to join our expanding editorial team. Blackball Media publishes the serial award-winning Car Dealer Magazine and has recently launched new social media-focused consumer website SuperUnleaded.com. We also proudly produce content for AOL Cars, Motors.co.uk and some of the largest car dealer groups […]

Blackball Media looking for new writer to join ranks

Blackball Media is looking for a new stitcher of sentences to join its rapidly expanding team of paragraph creators. Do you like cars a little bit *too* much? Can you tell the difference between an LX and a Ghia? Sorry, 80s reference… What we meant was can you tell the difference between a Titanium and Titanium X? Or […]

Want to be the next Car Dealer Magazine editor?

Blackball Media is looking to fill some rather interesting shoes (and colourful trousers) as we look to appoint a new editor for Car Dealer Magazine. Car Dealer has gained an enviable reputation as a must-read monthly motor trade publication and is the most widely circulated and widest read publications of its type. The magazine mixes […]